RNGOs Stand Vigil July 12 for Arms Trade Treaty

Every weekday from July 4- 27, from 1:00-1:15 p.m., a different religious group or individual will lead a 15-minute vigil at the Isaiah Wall across from the United Nations (between 42nd and 44th Street on the west side of 1st Avenue).

The Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN stood in vigil at 1:00 on Thursday, July 12th.

Arms Trade Treaty Vigil 7-12-12

RNGOs Support Arms Trade Treaty on July 12, 2012

The purpose of the vigil is to advocate at the United Nations for a strong and binding Arms Trade Treaty. There is an interfaith declaration that states the following:

“Every year, communities are divided or destroyed and millions of people are killed, injured, raped and forced to flee from their homes as a result of war and armed violence. The poorly regulated global trade in conventional arms and ammunition fuels conflict, poverty, gender based violence and human rights abuses. Such injustices are an affront to human dignity and the sacredness of life.”

From July 2-27, the UN will hold a conference which will seek to produce a “legally binding instrument on the highest possible common international standards for the transfer of conventional arms.” We in the UN community know that this will not be accomplished without significant struggle and without a change of heart and mind. We know that we need the “powers and principalities” to bow to what’s right and what’s good for all of humanity. And so we need to gather together to focus and to give those advocating the support they need to do this work.

Please join us.